Enrollment Process

How to Enroll

September 1:
Acceptance of applications for the next academic year begins. Families begin the application process by submitting an Enrollment Application and a $50.00 application fee. The application is active until the next enrollment period begins. If the family is not admitted by that time, they will need to reapply.
Early to Mid-September:
Tours of the school, either virtual or in-person, and a visit with the Director begin in October and continue through mid-February.
November 1:
Sibling and alumni applications must be received to obtain priority consideration.
February 1:
Financial aid applications are due.
Early to Mid-March:
Current families sign contracts and $1,000 deposit is due for the next school year. Summer contracts with the full summer tuition payment are also due from current families.
Late March to Mid-April:
Contract offers are emailed to new families. Families are asked to sign and return the contracts and the $1,000 deposit.

Continued Enrollment at John Winthrop School

Once enrolled at John Winthrop School, you are guaranteed a space from year to year. There is no need to reapply. Age groupings in each classroom remain flexible and meet the state regulations; children in a toddler classroom must be at least 15 months of age and children in a preschool classroom must be at least 2 years and 9 months of age.

Teachers are experienced in teaching a full range of ages. Each team plans and develops curricula based on the developmental needs of individual children and the group as a whole. Whether your child remains in his/her current classroom for another year, moves to the next room or skips a classroom, our commitment remains to offer a program that is developmentally appropriate and challenging in all areas of development.

The director is responsible for classroom assignments each year. A variety of factors are considered in this decision process. We strive to create a classroom of children with varied backgrounds, interests and abilities. A balanced mix enriches the children’s experience and respects and honors the diversity of our community.

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