Our Program

A place to wonder, explore, and discover

Children’s natural curiosity opens a world of opportunity for learning. At John Winthrop, children embark on a cycle of wonder, exploration, and discovery. Learning is personalized to each individual and supported by highly qualified, caring teachers. Our classrooms are designed with young children in mind and allow for self-directed play and learning while also offering opportunities for group interaction. When interest and spontaneous play drive a child’s learning, every day is a thrilling adventure; this is the core of the John Winthrop curriculum.

Building blocks for a lifetime of learning

When children feel supported, they are more confident socially and academically. Inspired by the work of Vygotsky, Bronfenbrenner, Pestalozzi, and Rousseau our curriculum emphasizes social-emotional development as the cornerstone of school readiness and future success. As supported by the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child (2004) and the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care’s Standards for Social-Emotional Development and Approaches to Play and Learning, we recognize the impact that foundational social-emotional skills gained during the first five years have on later ability to adapt in school and sustain successful relationships throughout life. At John Winthrop School children are supported in their abilities to interact with peers, develop a positive self-concept, understand the natural world, express themselves through the arts, employ early literacy skills, and explore concepts of math and science.

Bringing out the best in every child

Every child develops in a unique way, learning to walk, talk, and read at his or her own pace. At John Winthrop School, we embrace each child’s unique abilities, learning style, and temperament in the cultivation of a love and respect for learning. Accepting and honoring a child’s individuality is the basis of building trusting reciprocal relationships.

A community of caring

The John Winthrop Community is built upon respect and relationships. Our dedicated staff employ a whole family approach to supporting learning. We support families through these first years of schooling by conversing about children’s development in a real world context, celebrating milestones, and supporting the transition to kindergarten and beyond. Strong relationships with families are a key component of the learning philosophy at JWS. As children grow, their relationships with our staff deepen and we continue to stay connected long after families have moved on to kindergarten.