Dear families,

Thank you for an incredible year! The children have had so much fun together all year. They spent many afternoons pretending to travel to New York, Paris, the North Pole, Chinatown and to their Elsa castle. They faced imaginary bears and sharks together and triumphed through their ingenuity and bravery! The children took care of one another, helping to put on coats and shoes when another child struggled to do it themselves. When another child cried they would all stop what they were doing and look to see what was wrong with their peer. The children helped care for our school through cleaning up the classroom each day and planting gardens in the courtyards. The toddler years are ones of immense growth.  I have loved watching your children grow in their cognitive, physical, emotional and most of all social development. I always feel honored to be one of the people in their lives that supports them and gets to be a part of their joyful play each day. Thank you for partnering with me all year in helping to care for your child. I will miss the children moving on dearly! I look forward to another fun one with the children who are staying in Toddler Extended Day and a fun summer with the children who will be attending the summer sessions.

Warmest regards,



Eating a picnic snack in the Red Courtyard



Planting hosta


Building a castle


Playing in the cosy box


Taking a trip to the Public Garden






Finding ants at the Public Garden



The children found a daddy longlegs

Celebrating our last day together

Celebrating our last day with a party!



Here’s a movie of the Joe, Clara, Kaia, Lily K. and Milan running at the Public Garden:…6/06/